Body Massage Light

What is body massage light ?

There are different programs in the erotic massage parlor. Classical are aimed at general relaxation. Special ones allow you to expand the boundaries of pleasure. So, body massage for men includes caresses with hands and all parts of the body.

Features of body massage

The session begins with massaging the neck, shoulders, back. The task of the masseuse is relaxation. The music is turned on, the overhead light is extinguished, the windows are closed. Can light incense sticks. This allows you to disconnect from everyday problems.

The masseuse works with all parts of the body. Just imagine touching your feet. Gentle rubbing movements will envelop each area. Foot massage activates sexual energy. After that, it is easy to experience arousal.

Relaxation is followed by a massage stage. The masseuse applies cosmetic oil to her and the male body. Then she begins to slide over him with her chest, hips, groin. Penetration excluded. Such a body massage in Kiev is able to give a new type of orgasm.

Who is recommended?

body massage salon Kiev for office workers. After a busy day at work, rest in the company of a beautiful girl is desirable. The session is recommended for athletes. At the limit of physical capabilities, it is easy to forget about your needs.

Body massage is suitable for persons with sexual difficulties. Delicate beautiful masseuse will help to distract. Stimulation of the genitals, erogenous zones helps to get rid of impotence.

You can visit the salon any day of the week. If the work of a particular girl is important, then the reservation is made in advance. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

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