Erotic massage Kyiv

What is erotic massage?

There are different massage techniques. For example, cosmetology is aimed at eliminating deficiencies. Others relieve muscle tension. The erotic massage salon in Kyiv has special programs. They are aimed at satisfying intimate desires. Sexual contact is excluded.

Types of erotic massage

Erotic massage is a special technique of working with the body. It includes stimulation of erogenous zones. Used for prelude to sex, prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system, treatment of impotence.

Erotic massage consists of strokes, pats, vibrations. They are gentle, delicate, soft. Excluded pain and force impact. Additional items may be used:

  • feathers;
  • fruit;
  • berries;
  • ice;

Flirting massage lasts about an hour. The task of the masseuse is to make the client feel at the pinnacle of bliss. Orgasm will be the culmination of the session.

There are several popular techniques. So, oil means covering the bodies with warm oil. After it, the hands slip especially strongly. With the body technique, the masseuse caresses the man with her breasts, sometimes with her hips or stomach.

There is a “sakura branch” – gentle kisses alternate with hot breath. Another technique is tantra. Designed to stimulate the genitals. The masseuse will examine the penis, caress it and wash the scrotum. After that, the orgasm will not keep you waiting.

For connoisseurs of unusual types of massage, an aqua -foam show has been created. The girls cover themselves in foam and go to the jacuzzi with a client. Nude sorceresses caress the client’s body with their figures. The session in the soul works according to the same scheme .

Where to get a massage session?

Erotic massage Kiev is done in salons. It’s better than apartments or houses. You can be sure of privacy and security. You just need to choose the time to visit. It is possible to book a girl.